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If my spirit was free from my mortal self, she would be wild and passionate in all things that she did. Her image would be that of inner-beauty and love that she had to share. She would weave a web of fire to protect herself and those that she loves from any dangers in the mortal realm. But my spirit is not free from my mortal body so I must do what I can to let her shine through this meager flesh of my earth body, and hope that I do not put her to shame and dull her very essence… ~RLS

Fire and water.
Fire and water, closer than we think.
We always think of fire
The destroyer, the demolisher.
We always think water
The life-bringer, the rebuilder
But, what about flash floods?
Rushing, raging taking all.
What about forest fires?
Spreading nutrients,
And maintaining habitats?
Also, without fire there is no passion
No love, no drive
But, without water no serenity,
No restraint, or peace
We need to keep balance in our lives
Fire and water duality
Kindness in our hearts
Passion in our work
Fire and water.

~Matt Daffern
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